Friday, November 7, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Five Star : David Wright Silver Signings Autograph Red Parallel ( 9 / 20 )

Even when I was just collecting signed balls I always wanted to have a David Wright autograph in my collection. The few times the Mets were in town I struck out and all the pre-authenticated ones on eBay were too pricey for my liking. Well now that I have been back in the card hobby I have kept my out for an on card autograph of David. Until now I have had no luck as I kept losing auction after auction. That streak has finally ended.

Other than Bowman Chrome, Five Star is now the brand I go to for autographs. The base card's value is set at $50 while the blue parallel is at $60. With a combined print run of 90 I probably lost out on about 20. I decided one day to look at the red parallel and see what was out there. Book would probably be at $65-70 if there was a value attached to it so that is what I worked with. Found this on a BIN for $60 but it also included a best offer. I wanted a bargain so I sent him a very low offer and it sat there for two days and with a few hours left till it expired he accepted. I knew the card would not be perfect hence the low offer but it does look better in person that in pics. A little fray here and there but not much else. Near mint for sure but no matter as I've finally gotten my hands on an autograph of Mr. Wright.
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Nine of only twenty


  1. Sharp looking card. His autos finally came down in price some this year. I had a Wright/Schmidt dual auto, but flipped it in a trade with one of my buddies who had a card that better fit my collection.

    1. That is one good thing when players dont have great years. Autos can be had a great prices. As a Dodger fan Kemp market is a godsend right now. Wont be as good next year

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    1. TY
      Its clean and non streaky which makes it nicer