Monday, November 10, 2014

Player Appearance / Signing Recap - Don Sutton @ Harry's Dugout On Saturday November 8, 2014

This past Saturday Harry's Dugout welcomed in former Dodger and Hall of Fame member Don Sutton for an in store autograph appearance.

Even with baseball season officially over and even though I have an autograph card of Don I wanted to add a black ball to my collection considering Don is in the Hall of Fame that makes him worthy in my eyes to use a black ball. I also planned to meet twitter friend Austin aka buddha_hat for a trade we worked on during the week. More on that tomorrow.

I arrived at Harry's around 12:30 as Don was scheduled to sign for two hours for fans. I didn't think I needed to be there at thee very beginning considering the length of time he was going to be there. When I arrived there were about 10 people in line so it was perfect timing. Went inside to purchase my ticket and saw that Don was chatting with fans and taking pictures. Always nice to see the athletes conversing with fans and not just signing and moving onto the next autograph. Eddie the owner was busy so I didn't get a chance to talk to him too much but there will be a former Dodger appearing in January who just happens to be a former World Series Champion. Can't wait. Headed back outside to the line where I met up with Austin and completed our trade and within 5 minutes we were both back inside to get our autographs.

I did not bring a gold paint pen as Eddie informed me that they would be well stocked with them so I trusted it would not streak and I wasn't disappointed. I think it came out perfect. Another black ball for the collection. PSA was also present so I purchased their COA just in case I ever have to sell the ball. Hope not. After Don signed I asked if he wouldn't mind a picture with me and he happily obliged.

If you notice on his vest it shows his current employer the Braves. Too bad we couldn't have him slip on some Dodger gear. Probably would have gotten him in trouble. Ha Ha.

Another successful day at Harry's Dugout. Thank you again to Eddie and his crew for having Don in and thank you to Don for signing for the fans. I look forward to the next signing at Harry's.

Go Blue!!!


  1. Good seeing you, Penguin! Didn't know he was employed by the Braves. I was disappointed when I saw him wearing that.