Sunday, November 16, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Chrome : Zack Greinke Base Blue Refractor Parallel (185/199)

Even though they are not as limited as their black counterparts ( 199 vs 100 ) I still lean towards the blue as my favorite parallel color as the Dodger players just look better surrounded by a blue border.

Now that all the card issues with the exception of Topps Five Star have been released I can start to concentrate on the cards I want/need for my collection with these and Bowman Chrome blues being my main focus other than autographs. As usual I had to hold off for awhile as sellers were trying to maximize their sales with the high price that is normally attached to new releases but eventually the prices stated to come down and finally this one came down to my liking. A little less than $2 delivered to my doorstop and I can check this off my need list. One down and so many more to go.

185 of 199


  1. I tend to side with the black borders more on TC. I love me some blue borders, but the blues from TC are too light for my taste. Sweet pickup though.

    1. I agree. The blacks look a lot better than blue on TC but I still try to get both anyways. BC blue is superior in every way to TC blue