Wednesday, April 20, 2016

BGS Submission Result Number EIGHT - 2014 Topps Dynasty : Clayton Kershaw Base Autograph (10/10) Now BGS Graded Mint 9.0

2014 Topps Dynasty Clayton Kershaw Autograph (10/10)

Another encased card from Topps and unlike last years Piazza from this same Dynasty brand I hope this Kershaw comes back with a gold banner unlike Mike's which earned a 9.0

To be fair under the loop you could see a slight issue with Mike's card but I didn't think it would hinder it that bad but it ended up coming back as a strong 9. Rather have a weak 9.5 than that 9 and I expect that this Kershaw might end up as that. There is 1 corner that is a tad fuzzy which might hurt the overall grade a little but I don't enough to make it a mint 9.0.

Well I was right when it came to that corner as that sub grade did in fact earn a 9. The problem though was that 2 other sub grades earned a 9 with only edges coming back with a 9.5. On the bright side at least this didn't up in the overall 8.5 category but it would have been nice if this would have gemmed.

Solid mint

Considering this came from a trade I am not that disappointed with this card's return and it still is a mint card which qualifies it to stay in my collection per my "rules" but at some time I really would like a 9.5 Dynasty Kershaw card to call my own. Maybe the 2016 version will look better than the 2015 as I stayed away from those black ink autographs.

The all important 10 on autograph

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