Saturday, April 2, 2016

Card of the Day - 1961 Topps : Wally Moon Base BVG Graded Near Mint 7.0

Wally Moon was a good player in his own right back in the day but his claim to fame is that big bushy caterpillar laying above his eyes.

I had the good fortune to have met Wally a few years ago when he was promoting his book and he is one of the nicer players from the 50's/60's that I have had the honor a conversation with. He is highly engaging with fans and if you ever get the chance you should read his book which talks about his playing days and the atmosphere of the time.

I actually have never owned a Moon card prior to this one so it was nice to finally add him to the collection. With my new focus on vintage I wanted to have a Wally card finally but when I went looking there was only this one to bid on. I can only assume that is because he is not the biggest of players and the demand for this cards is not that high.

That grade of 7 must have been the clue to how much it would cost me to acquire this card as the starting asking price was $7 and with my bid being the only one that is what I won it for. Welcome to the collection Mr. Moon.

The brow cometh

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