Monday, April 4, 2016

Signed Ball of the Day - Vin Scully PSA Authenticated

Today is Opening Day for the Dodgers as they play the Padres in San Diego and behind the mike and announcing his final Opening Day will be the immortal Vin Scully. While Clayton Kershaw is the "face" of the Dodgers not many would argue that Vin is the voice and soul of the franchise.

I have never been lucky enough to meet Vin face to face. I have been in the general vicinity of the man but never close enough to say thank you for his decades of dedication to his craft. When the 2017 season rolls around we the fans will have to accept a new voice coming through our radio stations as Vin is retiring at the end of this baseball season. I know we all are on a "day to day" basis and we should win one for Clayton before he his loses his stuff but Mr. Kershaw has years ahead for himself while this is the final one for Vin. So I hope the team can win it all this year so Mr. Scully can call one last World Series and hopefully witness the 7th in Dodgers franchise history. So win for Vin Dodgers, win for Vin.

The last time I posted about a signed baseball was 14 months ago and there is good reason for that, I got out of the signed baseball hobby after going through my collection and discovering a handful of balls yellowing. Not old balls mind you but new ones acquired within that past year. I was disappointed and decided to sell the collection and channel the funds from that into autograph cards. All the balls were sold or traded off...except for one....this one.

I have had this ball for almost 2 years but I never found the appropriate time to post about it but since today is the first day of the new baseball season which happens to be Vin's last I think the time is now to show it off. If memory serves me correctly I picked this up after selling off some other items to pay for this. I remember at the time that this was on a traditional eBay auction and I wanted it at all costs and was determined to make sure I won it. I remember that at the time I think I won it at a good price due to Vin's signature runs into the threads of the ball a tad. Made no difference to me then nor does it make a difference to me today. When I sold off the ball collection I just couldn't let this go as unlike players that come and go Vin has been with the organization since its Brooklyn days.

Vin Scully has been a class act his whole career and I am sure his whole life. As a life long fan I share the sorrow with other Dodger fans with the knowledge that this is the last year we will hear and see him calling Dodger games. When we look back on these years at least we can say we were lucky enough to have heard him and I personally can say I am lucky enough to have a certified autograph of the man in my collection. Toning or not this ball is going nowhere.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. This is the stuff of legends! WOW, now this is one auto I would love to have but can't afford at this time. Beautiful auto of the best of all time!

    1. Picked up on during off season and since the auto "bleeds" into the threading I scored a real deal. Less than those musuem autos u have and the one i just picked up