Saturday, April 23, 2016

Card of the Day - 2015 Bowman's Best : Mike Trout Base Blue Refractor Parallel (102/150)

I recently picked up the Kershaw blue from this same set at what I thought was a great deal at the time. There was no book and I ended up paying $4 for it and when book did come out for it it checked in at $8. Not too shabby but this Trout blue beats that by a mile.

As with the Clayton card I picked up this Mike one not knowing what the book value would be when it was assigned but when it came in at $25 that put a nice big smile on my face as I won this on a traditional eBay auction for a tidy little sum of $9. To get to that total it took 15 bids. Talk about nickel and diming an auction to death but thankfully I was the winner.

I didn't plan to get this graded but considering the book value and low cost of acquiring it and that it looks to be in great condition I just might send it in. I'm on the fence but we shall see.

One Hundred and Two
One Hundred and Fifty

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