Friday, April 1, 2016

Card of the Day - 2011 Bowman Draft : Mike Trout Base Chrome Blue Refractor Parallel (16/199) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

... now this is more like it. A gold banner for the golden player.

Yesterday I showed off a different copy of this Bowman Chrome blue parallel but unlike this one that one was certified as "just" mint by Beckett. My goal this off season was to have this card in a gem mint 9.5 case not a mint 9.0 but I couldn't get one at a cost that was agreeable to me even though it was not going to cost anything out of pocket (had sales from other cards, books etc. to cover it). So what I had to do to pick this card up was to pick up that silver one. How and why so?

These don't come up for sale very often and when they do sellers want an arm and a leg and I don't have one of those to spare so I just had to play the waiting game. Days turned into weeks and after almost 2 months this card popped up but was pared with the silver one from yesterday. To get my gold banner card I would have to pick up the silver one at the same time. Of course 2 graded Trout cards would "cost" more than 1 so I had to figure how to work this out and get the card I wanted for my collection.

Well I did some research to see what a mint 9 of this card could sell for and came away with an amount that seemed pretty easy to recoup. So the plan was to pick up both of the cards in the auction and then sell the mint 9 to partially offset the amount of acquiring both cards. The trick now was I assigned an acceptable amount that this gold version was worth to me which meant that its cost plus the funds from the sale of the silver one could only go so high. The auction was a traditional one so if I was to win the cards I would have to do it the old fashion way without any help with a best offer option. Not surprisingly there were 20+ separate bids when all was said and done but in the end I finally won not 1 but 2 Bowman Chrome blues of Trout.

What was a surprise is that after the sale of the silver one and deducting that amount from this auction I won the cost of the gold one is a lot less than I expected I would have to spend to pick it up. On top of that the auction ended on a day that eBay was running an eBucks promotion and I earned almost $40 for the quarter. A great day indeed

One Hundred and Ninety-Nine

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  1. Beautiful card!!! The 9.5 looks 100 times better than the 9. I loved the design of 2011 Bowman Chrome.

    1. Doesnt it though? I still love the 2001 release while i despise the 2007 one.

    2. Doesnt it though? I still love the 2001 release while i despise the 2007 one.