Friday, April 8, 2016

BGS Submission Result Number TWO - 2014 Topps Heritage : Clayton Kershaw Base Chrome Black Refractor Parallel (37/65) Now BGS Graded Near Mint 8.5

2014 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Black Refractor (37/65)

Another borderline card that may or may not earn a 9.5 but unlike a couple others that fall into that category I really hope this makes it into the gold banner club,

Heritage has had black chromes of Kershaw over the course of 6 years and are very limited and even though I just want all of them I really would like them all to be in 9.5 cases. I already have 1 and now hoping to add some more to that group. Surface and corners look to be in great condition on this card and don't worry me. What does worry me is centering and a possible edge problem. Centering at worst is a 9 but might squeak out a 9.5. The bottom of the card might or might not be considered fraying. I have seen it before on my cards and some get 9.5's while others received a 9. I don't mind if either get a 9 as long as they both don't get a 9.

Certain projects I can accept 9's instead of 9.5's but this Heritage black chrome parallel is not one of them. So when this came back as an 8.5 you know I was highly disappointed by its return. 

As with the blue wave of Corey that received an 7.5 overall the centering on this card "earned" an 8. Really? I know it's nowhere near perfect which I knew but an 8? I suspected it would squeak by with a 9 and I would have an overall 9.5 card but no BGS did not see it that way as corners and surfaces also were docked to a 9. Sigh. If this came back with a 9 I would probably keep it for the time being as a place holder but with an 8.5 attached I am cracking it open and selling it on eBay and looking for a replacement. Bit of a risk as it only has a print run of 65 but I just can stand the eyesore of an 8.5

.5 from mint but unacceptable for my collection

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  1. That's a really nice card, and I agree that the 8.5 is not acceptable. Definitely make your money back and wait for another one to pop up. I don't see many of these on ebay, but a better one is bound to pop up at some point!

    1. Agreed on all fronts. I have 3 black chromes in gem mint and I would have "settled" for a 9 but somewhere down the road I know a better copy will come around. Plus this sale help netted the framed auto kershaw
      = )