Sunday, May 21, 2017

Card of the Day - 2017 Topps : Corey Seager Base 1987 Card Design Autograph Maple Wood Parallel (21/25)

I got wood!

I picked up the base 1987 designed autograph of Seager awhile back and thought I was done as even though I knew there were 2 parallels (Ash Wood #/10 being the other) I wasn't planning on picking up that one or this one but that changes when sales of your own far exceed what you expected them to go for so after expenses were paid I had leftover coin for a nice card. This is that card.

This had been on a BIN for quite sometime and had no best offer option but I kept it on my watch list as it was a candidate for my quarterly eBucks purchase but one day in February eBay was running an eBucks promotion and said auctions of mine had just concluded and I was flush with extra money. I sent over an email to the seller to see if he would meet me at a price that was more to my liking but still fair to him. Not 10 minutes later he sent me a private offer and I became the proud owner of this faux wood card. I didn't expect it to be in perfect condition and it's not. The front it almost perfect to me but the back has some fraying on the corners so I think this will earn a 9 from BGS and I will put that to the test when they come back in town in Sept/Oct for their next raw card review event. I try for that Maple? Hmmm.....


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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