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13 Cards Submitted To Beckett Grading Submissions (BGS) At Frank and Sons On August 20, 2014

My stack of cards that I wanted to get graded was piling up and I knew it would soon be time to submit them to get slabbed. As always I have the option to drop them off at Frank and Sons and wait two weeks to get the full grade treatment but I found out that South Bay Sports Cards is holding yet another in store BGS raw grade event at the end of September. What to do? With a few more cards coming in the mail from eBay auctions and Topps in the next couple of weeks I decided to submit 3/4 of my stack to Frank and Sons and the rest I will hold off till the raw grading event. Now I had to decide which cards I wanted to submit first. I went with my gut and research on which ones I think might possibly grade out gem mint and all my Kershaw autograph cards even though I know only one has a possibility to earn gem mint status. The ones I held off for the raw grade event are of less importance and ones I think might only grade out to mint 9.0's. I will have results in hand on September 4th and cards in hand on the 6th when I go back and pick them up and meet Joc Pederson for his autograph appearance. With that said here are the cards in the order of the possibility of earning a gem mint grade (if applicable) Any and all well wishes are appreciated as always.

2009 Topps T-206

I have decided to get all my autograph and SP ( photo variations / limited parallels ) Kershaw cards graded as even though I want a high grade I really just want them in a nice case for storage. I expect all the cards I submitted to at least earn a mint grade and this one is no exception. While the centering is good as I can tell it is off centered a tad and the corners while sharp are not gem mint crisp. I think it will earn a mint grade and I am OK with that.

2014 Bowman Inception Blue Parallel

Up next is the young man many are deeming the next "Fernando". That's a lot to put on a young man but from what I have seen in person and in the box scores he is capable of doing something special when he does make the big leagues. This blue parallel while not my prize piece of Urias cards ( that one is in route to me via Topps ) was one I wanted to get graded at some point and even though the odds of it earning gem mint status is minimal I believe mint is well within reach.

2009 Topps

The least favorite of all my Kershaw autograph cards. Design is not visually appealing to me and the autograph is of the sticker variety. The fun thing about going back through your cards is to see if their value went up or down. When I acquired this card back in 2013 as seen HERE I only spent $13 for it and the book value was $30. How times have changed. It now books for $80 and eBay sales have for the most part been north of $50. I am almost 100% sure this will not get a 9.5 but I think a mint 9 is well within reason.

2012 Bowman Sterling

The Dodgers future at SS/3B and even though he is only 20 he might be up to the big league team as a September call up next year. I have been trying to acquire as many Seager autographs before that happens and with him no longer on the Quakes team IP autographs won't be happening anytime soon. I picked this up and a twin in an eBay auction and while they both look at least NM this one looks to be a mint or at least in my eyes. Everything looks good other than the corners as they seem just a tad less than pointy sharp. I see mint in its future with an outside chance of gem mint if the other 3 sub grades come back 9.5.

2012 Allen and Ginter

Back and forth we go with Kershaw autographs. I picked this up on a steal of a deal a few weeks ago and that is probably because it is off centered. Everything else looks good but with my history with Allen and Ginter cards I don't expect anything more than a mint 9 grade for this card and I would be more than happy with that result. This card will look great in a BGS case.

2013 Allen and Ginter Red Ink Variant

Trying my luck with another red ink variant from the Allen and Ginter brand. This is my second submission (Ryan Braun was the first) and I am hoping for a better result but I am not sure how this will fare as there is "blemish" on the surface per se. Centering is good and the corners are crisp but next to the 9/10 there is a small red blotch that is probably from Josh's finger. Not sure how this will affect the overall grade of the card. I am hoping for a 9 on surface and 9.5 on everything else but would not be surprised nor overly disappointed in a mint 9 overall grade.

2007 Bowman Sterling Refractor

Long time readers might recognize this card as I was the lucky winner of a contest that was held by fellow blogger The Dutch Card Guy . A quick recap on that. I had to put a comment on every single blog entry he had published (400+) and then I had to be lucky enough to be randomized as the top pick out of a group of 4 that posted comments. Thank you again for holding the contest. This card has only gone up in value since I won it and I knew I would submit it someday. I don't know what grade to expect so I will be happy with a mint 9. I say that because clearly to me it is off centered on the front but I have seen the same card slabbed and graded by BGS with the same "issue" and the sub grade for centering was a gem mint. Everything else looks fine to me so it will be interesting to see what it earns.

2013 Topps Five Star Rainbow Parallel

Well hopefully Bo knows gem mint. These final 6 cards starting with Bo here I expect to grade out to a gem mint 9.5. Bo though is the only one I am worried about as one corner seems a little rounded but everything else looks perfect so I still think it grades out to a 9.5 overall. Knocking on wood and hoping I can keep my Five Star luck going.

2014 Topps Museum

A beautiful card with my lucky marriage number (7) attached to it. A card that doesn't need to be encased in a BGS holder but one I think will look even better in one. This is my favorite and most limited Adrian autograph and to me it looks gem mint. No streaks in the autograph, well centered, corners are perfect. We shall see but anything less than a gem mint grade will be disappointing.

2013 Bowman Chrome Mini Black Parallel

The second and last Seager in the batch and other than my autographs of Corey this is my favorite card of his. I love Bowman Chrome, I love minis, I love black and when you combine all that you come out with this great looking card. Another great steal for me on eBay for this card as it wasn't described in the auction with the other cards in the auction. Woo Hoo. The card is ever so off centered but everything else is perfect and I wouldn't be surprised if all sub grades come back 9.5. Only 25 in existence and this would be the second gem mint. Hoping and wishing.

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Blue Parallel

With no luck on the blue parallel of Puig from the regular issue of Bowman Chrome I am not trying my luck with this blue beauty from the Draft Pick set. It is more limited (99 to 250) than its base twin so if and when this comes back as gem mint it will help me swallow the bitter pill I took when I forgot to look on the back of the other blue one and didn't see that it was so off centered that it dragged the grade from a 9.5 to a 9. This card looks to be void of any major defects and I expect it to come back as a gem mint.

2013 Topps Five Star Rainbow Parallel

Second to last submission and we have a sure hall of famer in the form of Miguel Cabrera. When I laid my eyes on this card and as it looked perfect on the computer screen it looks even better in person and I knew I had to have it. Had to replace my Cabrera autograph baseball and this was the perfect card to do that. I knew when it came in I would eventually submit to BGS and now was the time. Anything less than a gem mint grade will be a major disappointment. Don't make me sad Beckett.

2013 Topps Tribute

And I finish off the biggest submission ever with the best pitcher on the planet. Clayton makes his 5th appearance in this batch with what I believe to be his best conditioned card. Though not as visually appealing as the Allen and Ginter card it is a very nice on card autograph of the Dodger great. When I bought it on the low end price-wise last year I thought it had a very good chance to grade out to gem mint and that belief still holds. Hopefully that comes true at the end of next week.

Well that does it. 13 cards with at least 6 with a very good chance to acquire a golden banner grade. I will still be doing the Beckett raw grade event at the end of September but with those I am not as confident of them earning a gem mint grade but I am still curious on what grade they do earn.

Thank you all for taking your time to read this if you gotten to the end of this long post. Have a good one.


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