Sunday, August 31, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Sterling : Tom Windle Base Autograph

Was tired of looking at all the new and pricier cards so I thought I would venture back into the pool and look at cheap autographs that I either missed the first go around or just thought they were overpriced at the time. I came up with a Windle card.

When Bowman Sterling came out I was on the look out for the only licensed card of Julio Urias. Chris Anderson and Tom Windle are also included but since I acquired Chris on a Bowman Black card I only "needed" Windle and that was only if it could be had at a cheap price point. Months ago it was going for north of $5 and sometimes touching $10 so I wanted no part of that action. The day I saw this one prices had come down dramatically and I was able to pick this one up on a buy it now auction for a measly $2 delivered. Once again, patience is a virtue.

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