Thursday, March 31, 2016

2016 Baseball Season Predictions

In just 3 days the 2016 baseball season will start and more importantly 4 days from today my Los Angeles Dodgers will be in San Diego taking on the Padres to start both of their seasons. I like all of you that are reading this probably can't wait to smell the grass and hear the bats whacking away at the balls being thrown at them. I personally will be taking in an Angel game before I catch the Dodgers in person but that is how much I love baseball and just want to be around it.

What is now a yearly tradition I am sharing my predictions on the upcoming season for all the major awards and how I think the standings and playoffs will go. That said lets get into it with the awards first.

American League :

Manager of Year : I believe the AL is going be balanced (compared to the NL) with most teams fighting for playoff spots well into August and September but I think the A.J. Hinch of the Astros is going to win the award as he will guide the Astros into the postseason once again.

Rookie of the Year : Always the hardest to handicap as you just never know which young player is going to burst onto the scene and take your breath away. I believe that Joey Gallo of the Rangers will eventually snag the award as he will be "protected" in the Texas lineup and will benefit with Beltre, Fielder and others around him so the pressure will be off of Joey and he will excel.

Cy Young : I've picked him before and even though he didn't win I am picking him again as I think Felix Hernandez of the Mariners will rise to the top once again and snag another Cy Young award.

MVP : The best everyday player will and should win. Mike Trout has been robbed twice (Donaldson last year and Cabrera in his non Triple Crown year) even though he should have won both. We are watching history in the making but the writers are giving it to players that might have a slightly better stats year. Mike will be pushed again this year but I think he pulls it out.

National League :

Manager of the Year : This is where it gets interesting so stay with me for the long run through the standings predictions. I can see Joe Maddon winning this easily but I think the Dodgers Dave Roberts wins this year for taking a surprisingly resilient team to the playoffs for the 4th year in a row.

Rookie of the Year : Award 2 and Dodger number 2 as I believe (and most of the world for that matter) Corey Seager will have a great year. and help the Dodgers back into the postseason. While he won't be as good as his 2015 September I don't think its a stretch to see him hit 280-290 with 25 home runs and 80-90 rbi's.

Cy Young : What you must think is a bias going on, here we go with award 3 with a prediction of a Dodger winning it. Kershaw has 3 awards to his name and was robbed of a 4th (New York bias in 2012) and could have won last year. That one I could live with even though there is an arguement he should have won. No way Arrieta duplicates his 2nd half 2015 season with a full 2016 season and Greinke moving to AZ will jack up his ERA. If it doesn't then he probably should win but I think Clayton will reclaim his seat on the thrown in November.

MVP : For the full sweep of awards the Dodgers.... just kidding. I believe we will see back to back winning Bryce Harper on the podium when the dust clears. He will get continue to have support as unlike last year he will guide the team into the playoffs.

Now for how I think the teams will play out over a grueling 162 game season.

American League :

East : In probably the most balance division in the Majors I think the Blue Jays prove last year was not a fluke and squeak out the title over their rivals the Red Sox. The Rays will make some noise but eventually fall by the waste side.

Central : I didn't believe the Royals could duplicate their 2014 in 2015 but they proved me wrong.and I am going to pick them to make it to the playoffs once again. The White Sox made some noise in the off season and the Tigers have Cabrera but he is a year older and not getting any better. In the end the the Royals are on top once again.

West : Can't believe I am saying it even though they won last year. I am picking the Astros to win it once again and actually do better in the playoffs than last year. It won't be easy as the Rangers will be better and the Angels have Mike Trout but they learned a lot from last year.

National League :

East : While the Mets will prove last year was not a fluke they will succumb to the Nationals of Washington D.C. in the end. Bryce Harper will not be denied the playoffs 2 years in a row.

Central : I just want to say the Cardinals as they always seem to pull it out now matter who they have but the young kids from the Chi Town will win it this year going away and will probably have the best record in the Senior League.

West : In what probably will be the hardest division in baseball the Dodgers will barely stave off the Giants and Diamondbacks. The Giants are a thorn in their side every year and 2016 will be no different while the Diamondbacks will make a valiant effort but eventually run out of gas. 2017 though watch out for the Snakes. All that said the Dodgers will probably will win by no more than 2 games and first place will come down to the last weekend of the season.

AL East : Blue Jays
AL Central : Royals
AL West : Astros
AL Wild Cards : Red Sox and Rangers

NL East : Nationals
NL Central : Cubs
NL West : Dodgers
NL Wild Cards : Mets and Giants

ALWC : The Red Sox will use their home field advantage and prevail over the Rangers to have a date with the Royals.

ALDS : On one side of the bracket we will have the Astros hosting the Blue Jays in a very exciting 5 game set but in the end the Astros of Houston will win because of Dallas K. For the other series the Royals with their best record will host the Red Sox and will beat them in probably 4 games max setting up a rematch from last year between the Royals and Astros

ALCS : In another barn burner both teams will put out their full effort but unlike last year the Astros will not "choke" and will earn a return trip to the Fall Classic.

NLCS : Not sure who will have home field but that won't matter as Madison Bumgarner of the Giants will show up again with his playoff savvy and push the Giants past the Mets to set up a match up with the Cubs.

NLDS : The Giants will be overmatched from the get go and will be dispatched by the Cubs in 3 or 4 games as Madison will only start 1 game which will hinder their chances severely. In the other series the Dodgers will host the Nationals and after going back forth the good guys aka the Dodgers will prevail in a hard fought 5 game series to meet up with the Cubbies.

NLCS : ... and any assumption of my bias ends here as though I love the Dodgers I think they will be dispatched by the Cubs in 6 games. I know, it hurts me to type that but after Kershaw wins his 2 starts the Dodgers will be hard pressed to win 2 more without him on the mound. The Cubs return to the World Series.

World Series : The curse of the goat ends..nuff said.

Recap :

Red Sox over Rangers
Royals over Red Sox
Astros over Blue Jays
Astros over Royals

Giants over Mets
Cubs over Giants
Dodgers over Nationals
Cubs over Dodgers

Cubs over Astros

What say you?

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. No matter what you say in the AL in terms of the playoffs is right. It is the most balanced it has ever been. You can literally pick any team and think of a narrative to why they make the playoffs.

    I'm not a big Joey Gallo fan so I would probably lean more towards Buxton who has a clearer path to playing time. If Blake Snell gets called up early enough for Tampa I think he has a good chance too.

    1. I also am not a fan of Joey and think Buxton is the better talent and will have a better career but with the Twins not being that good I think teams will work around Buxton to get to others while Joey will be flanked by better hitters which I believe will allow him to see better pitchers. Also hitting in TX will be an advantage over hitting in cold MN. Just my two cents

  2. What? No way! Dodgers will not only win the World Series, they will also win the NBA Championship, the Super Bowl and the World Cup.

    1. Agreed but they just cant get over the hump and win the Stanley Cup hence it is a disappointment of a year

  3. The Yankees don't seem to make the playoffs in this scenario... This must be 2014.

    1. They might sneak in but I dont think their pitching can match up with Rays and Sox.