Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Gypsy Queen : Corey Seager Base Mini Parallel Gold Variant (46/50)

And the final Seager card off of my 2016 Gypsy Queen checklist which was acquired from a trusted seller on a BIN auction. As usual he had a best offer option and thankfully once again he took my offer after we discussed what we both thought it was worth and we came to a happy medium.

As with the other Seager cards I picked up I acquired this one without an assigned book value to go by so the seller and I went with past eBay sales and as a long time buyer I was able to score it at an amount that was lower than the other sales on eBay.

Considering I like to grade all my low serialized cards I held out hope this would come to me in great condition and other than 1 corner with a slight fraying issue it looks to be in great condition. Now hopefully that 1 issue can earn a 9 and everything else props it up.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Topps finally gave us a good release with this years Gypsy Queen. All around great product with a lot of short prints and variations. Seager is tearing it up right now (well maybe not last night)...

    1. I am not the biggest GQ fan but this year's was a step up. I believe at the end of the year as long as east coast bias...cough, Cardinals, cough... doesnt come into play he will win ROY. Most years I would say Arrieta would probably win CY again but CK is making sure that bias doesnt come into play.

    2. I know Seager has some competition this year, but I'm hoping he improves even more in the second half an runs away with the award. Story is a K machine, but as we saw last night, the boy can hit bombs. And yes, can't forget about those dirty birds! This years CY race is going to be a tight one, and I bet you anything it goes down to the wire. I really hope Kershaw continues to dominate all year long. I respect Arrieta, but he's no CK!

    3. I agree Story is good but compare him and Seager and other than home runs (16-14) Corey has him on every category. AVG, OBP, RBI, etc. Its the dirty birds I am most worried about has Coors field still has a stigma. The CY race will be close BUT if CK stays on this pace and historically beats K to W AND WHIP AND ERA less than everyone since Bob Gibson he will win it and another MVP is not out of the question. I just hope his season doesnt go to waste and we dont make the playoffs.