Friday, January 13, 2017

Card of the Day - 2011 Topps Update : Mike Trout Base Gold Parallel (878/2011) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

Selling from surplus to acquire a need. I feel like the Dodgers as I finally landed this beautiful gold parallel of superstar Mike Trout.

During the 2015 off season my goal was to acquire graded rookie cards of Mike Trout from the Topps Update set and I did quite well as I picked up the base, diamond, blue and the hard to get red versions. The 2 left that I needed (other than the black which I don't ever see me getting) were the gold and cognac and my "rainbow" from this set would be complete. I wanted to wait for the right time which meant at the lowest price and an eBucks promotion. Well this 2016 off season presented that to me when this card popped up.

I asked friends on Twitter and Instagram which would they prefer in their collection, this or graded photo variations, and the answer was unanimous . Gold by a land side. I had a few Trout gem mint photo variations and while I like them I really love this gold one. I knew in my heart what I was going to do but wanted to see what others thought and we all had the same thought process. While variations are fun and unique gem mint rookies of a future Hall of Fame member is better.

Locked in this card which was on a BIN auction from a seller from Canada (probably another reason why price was reasonable) and promptly sold the variations to cover the cost. Now to finish off the rainbow with a cognac.

Eight Hundred and Seventy-Eight
Two Thousand and Eleven

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