Friday, January 6, 2017

Card of the Day - 2015 Bowman's Best : Mike Trout 1995 Bowman's Best Design Refractor Autograph (29/30) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

There are certain card sets from years gone by that I loved and still think look great to this day. That list includes among others 1993 Topps Finest, 2001 Bowman Chrome, 1990 Leaf and 1995 Bowman's Best. All of them are visually appealing now as they were back in their hayday. Topps did a retro insert of the Finest set which I collected and last year they included an autograph insert set in their Bowman's Best brand to honor the 1995 set's 20th anniversary. When I saw the checklist I noticed there was no Kershaw to be found but there was a Trout and I knew I wanted a copy but didn't think I could land it. Obviously that changed as here is my newest addition to my small but respectable Trout autograph collection.

Nothing like another gold banner for the Trout collection

With a print run of 30 I have seen at least 10 change hands on eBay and a couple here and there on other social media outlets so I knew my chance at it was closing. Well one day eBay had a 6 hour eBucks promotion and with about 3 hours left in it this bad boy popped up on site. I had to make a decision on how bad I wanted this card. I knew if I was to acquire this I had to sell something in my collection to pick it up and probably more than just one card at that. My thinking was with the extra eBucks earned by acquiring this card I could get something nice in the next quarter so I took the plunge and snagged this one.

It was a hard decision on what to let go to offset this card's purchase but I ended up letting go of my 1994 Finest refractor that is numbered out of 25 and graded gem mint by BGS. That hurt as I loved that card but I love the 1993 version better which I am still on the hunt for. I will also be letting go my 2015 Strata Koufax autograph which came back from BGS as a mint 9. Being a Dodger fan this one cuts deep as well but my thinking is I have 3 other great Koufax autographs that I call my own and watching Trout on a daily basis I realize I am watching history and want as many autographs as I can have of him. You have to give something to get something and that is what I did but at the end of this day I am very happy to own this beauty of an autograph.


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    1. Ty sir. I always wanted the VLAD card from the 1995 but I think this is a good replacement.
      = )