Thursday, January 12, 2017

September 2016 BGS Submission Result Number FIFTY-SIX - 2014 Topps High Tek : Clayton Kershaw Base Red Storm Diffractor Parallel (7/10) Now BGS Graded Pristine 10

2014 Topps High Tek Clayton Kershaw Red Storm Diffractor Parallel (7/10)

What would make this red parallel even better is it earns at least a 9.5 from Beckett as I snagged this on an eBay auction for what seemed like pennies. To be honest if it does I might/probably will flip it back on eBay and acquire some autograph of my core 4. Other than a corner on the back of the card there does not seem to be any other issue so hopefully I see a gold banner attached to this limited beauty.

We have reached the final recap from my 56 card batch and this eBay steal is now a pristine 10 card. 

For those that don't remember I picked this up on an eBay auction when I was trying to get another card that was included with this one. To my benefit though the seller did not really state what this card was as it is a very limited parallel so if you averaged out the price this cost me a little more than $8. When it reached my hands I knew I had a gem in my hands but I didn't know I had an almost perfect card. As stated above I believed there was a corner issue but I guess BGS thought it was more of an edge problem and gave them a 9.5. Everything else though received a 10 and with that it became a pristine card.

Funny how the first couple of batches I sent to BGS I couldn't buy a 10 and complained about that. Now every batch since has had at least 2 come back as pristine. The only thing I am missing is the ever elusive black label 10. 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. So close yet so day you will get that black label. It's only a matter of time!