Monday, January 16, 2017

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps Now : Clayton Kershaw Base Relic (From 10.13.16) Autograph (35/99) and Quarterly eBay eBucks Purchase Number 1

Oh happy days are here again as it is that big time of the year also known as the final quarter of the calendar year which happens to be Christmas time and that means the biggest eBucks quarter as they are coupled with Christmas gift cards. With that said this card is not "techinically" part of the purchases BUT I am including it because of how it was acquired and what it helped get down the road which was all eBucks related.

I love Kershaw autographs and while I am not the biggest fan of relics this is the 2nd one in the past 6 months I specifically went after even though originally I had no interest in it. Clayton Kershaw is an out of this world starting pitcher but on 10-13-16 he became the closer for the ages when he closed out the Division Series against the Nationals. It was his first ever MLB save in his career for a game that has become an instant classic in Dodger lore. Anyone that knows me knows that I called it almost to a "T". I said that we would see Clayton at sometime during the game and probably late even though he just threw 110 pitches 2 days prior. I didn't expect him to come in to close though. When Topps announced they would do a card commemorating the feat I didn't really think too much about it. One because of its price and two it was a relic. Meh. But then I saw the actual card and I fell in love with it and the moment again. On top of that I noticed the autograph is flawless while a lot of other copies seemed to have streaking issues. If I was to acquire one this would be that one.

While I did not acquire this by using eBucks I did earn the money to pick it because eBay was running an eBucks promotion. I had a load of cards and books that were scheduled to end on the last day of the promotion which I believed helped make the sales happen. With all of them finished I turned to this beauty and negotiated the price down and locked in the deal. By doing that I also earned even more eBucks for my own use which went to pay off the final card which I will show off in 3 days. Yes, I was able to acquire 4 cards this quarter because of the eBucks program. Woo freaking hoo.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Very nice! I only picked up the auto version, but I kind of regret not getting this one instead. Oh well, I'm happy to at least have the auto version.