Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Card of the Day - 2016 Bowman Chrome : Corey Seager Base Autograph Gold Refractor Parallel (35/50) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5 and Quarterly eBay eBucks Purchase Number 2

Man did I do well for the 2016 4th quarter (aka Christmas time) eBucks acquisitions in comparison to the 2015. That year I snagged 2 Trout cards with one being an autograph. Nothing to sneeze at but I think I really scored this year but it could only happen due to my generous family and great timing for extra eBucks during the quarter.

When looking at all 3, yes 3 (woo hoo), that I picked up this quarter (yesterday's Kershaw is included in this run of 4 but more because it helped on the last one) I would say this is probably the "biggest" valued card in the long run. Of course some of you might think that Thursday's has a better outlook but you be the judge.

This Seager beauty actually did not have a single eBuck used in acquiring it BUT help in snagging the next 2 and was paid in most part with Christmas gift cards which I always combine for this quarter. This card popped up in the waning days of December and low and behold eBay was running another eBucks promotion. With my gift cards in hand I hit the BIN button and scored this limited rookie autograph of Corey in gem mint grade. On top of that this "purchase" earned me even more eBucks for the other 2 cards I picked up.

I was staying away from the Bowman Chrome brand this year as I was concentrating on Topps Chrome instead but with this being the off season I am always looking for deals/steals and I haven't seen another one of these in this condition go for so low. When I conferred with friends they told me they couldn't believe the low price. So with minimal cost out of pocket (which you can barely say considering it came from my own eBay sales) I "won" this for my growing Corey autograph collection AND helped "pay" for the next 2 days worth of cards. Man I love the Christmas quarter on eBay.

Everywhere I look I see gold.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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