Friday, August 2, 2013

Card of the Day - 2012 Bowman Chrome : Joc Pederson Refractor BGS Graded 9.5 w/10 Autograph ( 495 / 500 )

Joc, Puig, Puig, Joc...

That was the debate back in May and June as who to bring up with Kemp going down and the Dodgers needing another outfielder. While Joc was passed up for Puig he still waits in the wings for that possibly call up if something else goes wrong on the team. I was able to get Puig's cards before they skyrocketed as shown here but for Joc I waited until all the hub bub died down a little.

I am and always will be partial to bowman chrome refractor autographed rookie cards so there was no doubt where I was going to set my sights on. I originally was looking at the blue bordered variant but that got too pricey in my eyes for a MLB untested player so I set my goal on just the regular refractor. I didn't want to try my luck on one and hope it graded out to a 9.5 so I made it my goal to get one already graded a 9.5 and that is when this beauty appeared on eBay. Wasn't sure what I was going to pay as this is almost like an investment piece as he hasn't played a day in the majors and we don't know how he will respond. Just like Puig. So I was finishing up some paperbacks and ended up selling them prior to this card's auction close. I ended up in a slight bidding war and I don't know how he will pan our or even if he will play for the Dodgers but for today I won the battle and acquired the card for a tad over $60. With the book value at $25 and with the grading cost and the 9.5 I think I basically broke even on the transaction. If he bombs then I overpaid but if he excels I think this is a great buy. Either way I am happy to add this card and hope it pays off in the future.

Refractor 495 of 500

Mmm... Gem Mint

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