Sunday, August 4, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Player Appearance Recap : Jack Morris @ Harry's Dugout

Back to Whittier and back to Harry's Dugout for another of their in house appearances of a former star. This time it was Jack Morris. He hardly makes any appearances and I made sure not to miss this opportunity to add this World Series Champion to my collection.

Arrived at Harry's and was surprised not to see that many people in line. Was expecting a bigger turnout. Saw some fellow autograph hunters and we conversed while we waited for Jack to start signing. Once in the store it went smoothly as always. Saw Edward the store owner and paid my fee and stepped in front of Jack. I had noticed that the people in front of had not been taking pictures with Jack and felt that he wasn't in the mood or didn't do that type of thing so I didn't ask. Handed Jack a ball and he quickly signed it and handed it back to him. Told him thank you for the signature and thank you for coming out to sign. He said thank you but he wasn't that personable or at least to me he wasn't. He wasn't at all mean just not talkative like past quests at this store ala Mike Marshall, Paul Lo Duca and others. No biggie. Received my autograph and headed on home. Will be back in two weeks for Dennis Martinez which is just one of three autographs to get that day. A lot of driving around for me that day.

Multiple World Series Champion Jack Morris

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