Monday, August 5, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Yasiel Puig Top 100 Insert Die Cut Variant NOW Graded BGS 9.5

My eyes are still good even at my age. I purchased 2 Puig cards from this year's Bowman set awhile ago on eBay with the intention to have them graded and hopefully acquire a gem mint grade of 9.5. To do this I had to be diligent and look over the card on just a computer screen. I sent in both and received them back this past Saturday. I couldn't be happier with the results.

The first one is the more limited one number-wise Top 100 Insert Die Cut Variant which there are only 99 in existence and that I acquired HERE from a seller on eBay. It cost me only $10 out of pocket and the card currently books for $350 in Beckett. Even if it didn't grade a 9.5 that would have been a great deal nonetheless. But damn if I still have the touch at times. Sent the card in and it came back a gem mint 9.5 with no grade being less than 9.5 and even including a 10 on edges.

Normally I would just call it a day and be ecstatic with the grade and file it away but since I got the other card that I submitted in great shape as well ( see tomorrow's post ) I looked into acquiring an on card autograph of Yasiel in this year's Bowman Inception set. Those normally sell for a little north of $400 and I thought I could just do an even swap on eBay of this graded card for the Inception card. Well, the graded one is up and running on the bay and the other one is on its way home.

Oh... Pretty

Centering, Corners and Surface with 9.5's and Edges with a 10. Damn Nice.

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