Sunday, August 11, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Bowman Platinum : Kemp, Kershaw, Paco, Joc, Ryu, Clayton and Seager Bounty

And with this second day of Platinum I show off the group of cards that only cost me a measly $18 or $1.50 a card bought and delivered.

When the book value comes out on these I am sure that some might not even book that much but for an average of just $1.50 and for what is included I couldn't pass up on these once I was able to secure the first two auctions. If I won a auction or two it wouldn't have been a good value but with me winning a total of 10 auctions and a couple with more than one card in them it became a good deal.

To start off there were 3 different Paco auctions and once I won those 3 I went all in on the others as shipping was no longer a factor. Picked up two base Paco rookie cards and then the gold and blue variants of the same card. With all the media attention on Puig and Ryu, Paco has flown under the radar nationally but here in Los Angeles he is well regarded.

I'll take a gold and blue please with my two base. Thank you.

Speaking of Ryu, he comes to work everyday and just keeps putting up above average numbers. For a "rookie" he is doing quite well adjusting to American baseball after spending years in Korea. Well the auction that had his card happen to have a twin so I won two cards of Mr. Ryu. His auction was the highest at $2.75. No way those cards don't book for under $5 each once prices come out. One is available for trade if anyone wants/needs it. As Ryu is our number 3, Clayton is our number 1 and I was able to pick up the die cut card of the cutting edge insert set for a couple of dollars. To top that off we have the red base variant of Matt Kemp which slides in nicely with the blue one I picked up.

Dual Ryu with a cutting Kershaw mixed in with a Red Bison.

To finish off the bounty purchase I looked to the potential future of the team in the form of Joc Pederson and Corey Seager. While Joc might never play for the Dodgers as at the present moment there is a log jam in the outfield on the big league club, Corey seems destined to appear within a few years in the infield. In the mean time I was able to pick up a few Joc cards in the form of the base chrome and a numbered green variant of the chrome card in addition to a copy from the top prospects insert set. All of that topped off with a Corey Bowman Chrome base card.

So in the end all of these cards came with the damage of just $18. A great haul. Although I was not able to pick up the Puig cards from this particular seller I have at least started off well in the pursuit of completing this set. 

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