Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Allen and Ginter : Matt Kemp Framed Relic

With an insert that has stated odds of basically one per box and half that would normally make this Kemp card a pricier to acquire card in any other year. This year not so much.

I believe someday his cards will go back up once he is 100% which he has not been since May of last year. Until then I will continue to pick up all these new issues at a great low price.

Never been the biggest relic fan but if is accompanied by an auto and/or of Kemp I will want to acquire it nonetheless. Saw this card up for sale on eBay with the seller with a 99 starting bid and with no one bidding on it with a hour left in the auction I believed I had a great chance to pick it up at a low cost. And with $5 I did just that and had this card in my collection within the week.

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