Saturday, August 31, 2013

Card of the Day - 1999 SP : Adrian Beltre Autograph

Back to the nineties I went to get this gem. What could have been. Since Adrian left the Dodgers for assumed greener pastures in Seattle the Dodgers have had a constant revolving door at third base trying to replace him. To this day they haven't found anyone that comes close to what Adrian brings to the table. Sad too as he will probably make the hall of fame as he will hit over 400 home runs maybe even approach 450 and will flirt with 3000 hits. Would have been nice to see him go in as a Dodger. Might still happen per se as he spent the majority of his career in L.A. so the hall might put the Dodger logo on the cap part of the plaque.

I recently picked up a signed Adrian ball but since I was back in card collecting I wanted to get one his autographs on a card as well. But since he hasn't been with the Dodgers since 2004 I knew it would be an older card that I would end up with. There is an adequate amount of Adrian cards in Dodger blue so it wasn't too hard to lock on to one to buy. This card came up for auction which has a nice crisp blue signature which is slightly different than the way he signs nowadays. Ended up winning the auction after I put in my high bid in a day earlier than normal and won it for the lucky price of just $7.77.

Wish he never left our team but with Scott Boras as your agent odds are that you will leave for a lot more money or resign at a non hometown discount. But at least he has come home to my collection.


  1. Big mistake by the Dodgers, maybe second only to the Piazza fiasco.

    1. Agreed on the mistake but I put it behind Pedro for Delino as well as the Piazza fiasco

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