Thursday, August 15, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Allen and Ginter : Yasiel Puig Mini ( A & G Back )

Yesterday was A & G Puig and today is A & G Puig just with this one being a variant version.

As stated the brand comes out with many variations of their cards which makes the hunt for all of them fun if not frustrating. I was hoping to lock down the affordable Puig cards before too long and actually lucked out on getting two different Puig cards on back to back auctions on the same day. Both auctions ended within 20 minutes of each other with yesterday's common back making its way to me first.

The second one to make it is this other beauty and the only difference between the two is the backs are different from each other. The A & G back is stated as being a tad tougher to acquire than the common but the prices for the most part have been roughly 25%-35% more on eBay. Well with yesterday's win at a little above $16 I was more than pleased to win this card for a tick under $18. Basically an average of $17 a card for both of them which I think is what book will be at the very least when that information is released. That's two Puigs down with the other variants to hunt down.

Same photo . . .

. . . different back. A & G Variant Back

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