Friday, August 9, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Bowman Inception : Yasiel Puig Silver Signing Autograph ( # / 25 ) In Redemption Form Plus A Little Bonus

I finally got my hands around an on "card" autograph of Dodger Yasiel Puig and it only cost me $20. That is if you follow the money trail to acquiring this soon to be fine looking autograph of Mr. Puig.

I originally bought this great looking die cut card for just $10 out of pocket seen HERE and once it arrived it's condition looked great and as I was planning to get it graded thankfully it came through the mail unscathed. That was step one and now it was on to step two. Believing that the card would grade out to a high number I took it down the local BGS submission store and paid $10 to get it graded. Card came back just the way I hoped and then some and can be seen HERE . At the same time I received another great grade on my other Puig card which I thought looks better than the die cut so I would still have a gem mint Puig card in my collection. Time to sell the die cut and get an on autograph card at close to nothing out of pocket if possible. With that I went on the look out for one on eBay and with the new Inception set just being released I zeroed in on that set. I am not a fan of the base autographs as they have that "cloudy" effect and that is even with a blue version included as an option. But they did have a redemption card for a silver signings card with a different background and I decided that is the one I wanted. Also the card will be numbered out of only 25 in the world and that is such a great little number I couldn't resist.

A lot of these cards had been selling at over $600 and a couple closing at over $800. The book came out on it and had it valued at $800. Now, I knew my graded die cut would never fetch that much so I had to be patient but with only 25 in the world I knew their was a finite number I could chase after. Well there were two auctions left on a particular day with one being a buy it now with a best offer option. That was plan B. I lost on the other auction so I had to go back to plan B and hope that I could acquire that one. The seller had it set at $500 and I didn't want to pay for it and wanted to try to make it an even sale with my die cut. There was another person submitted offers so it was down between me and him/her and in the end I "won" the card for a tad over $400. Hot damn, got my hands on a Puig autographed card...technically. Have to wait for it in the mail which can take forever. Also as a bonus in the auction was that if you "won" he would include a Puig card from the Topps Pro Debut set. Wasn't looking to ever buy that card but as a freebie I'll take it any day of the week. Since that day there has not been another silver signings card up for sale on eBay so I lucked out with the acquirement of the card and the sale of the die cut.

So with that I acquired my first Puig on card autograph and it only cost me one crispy Jackson. Now if I can turn that into a gem mint 9.5 that would be just icing on the cake.

Puig in his minor league days and soon to be big league autograph card.

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