Monday, August 5, 2013

Movie Review : 2 Guns

Another buddy flick has landed and this one stars Denzel Washington as Bobby and Mark Walberg as Michael. Both are working undercover for different agencies while trying to capture a drug kingpin in Mexico but are unaware of each others credentials as they both think the other is a common criminal.
There is a little back story to begin the film that shows how they arrive to a bank where they are supposed to rob it of 3 million dollars but instead they find over 43 million store there. They both suspect the other of being a snitch or not who they say they are until it comes to blows and they find out that there are both on the "good" side. Even though they know the truth between themselves they split up and try to figure out on their own to exactly what is going on and why the job was not what it was they thought it would be. They figure out that not only their agencies but others are all in on this and they happen to be the two stuck in the middle of this and being set up as the fall guy(s). They reluctantly decide to help each other to find out the full truth on why they were set up and how to make things right. The journey takes them from the U.S. to Mexico and back to the U.S. to break into a military base all the while every good agency and various gang members and drug lords are tailing them and trying to take them out. They both don't know who to trust but themselves.
For the climax of the film they are able to get all the chess pieces on the board at the same place at the same time for a showdown and to show everyone their true colors. Just like in past classic gun battles everyone has a gun pointing at them while they are pointing theirs at someone else. When the smoke clears we find out if their 2 guns is enough to conquer the hundreds directed at them.
VERDICT : I always enjoy Mark and Denzel on the big screen and combining them seemed like a great idea. The action is constant and good for its genre. The supporting cast does well with Bill Paxton and Edward James Olmos being the best as leaders of two rival groups. Even a love interest is thrown in in the form of Paula Patton who is not just screen candy even though she is an attractive lady. With all that being said while I did enjoy the movie and thought it was a fun flick I could have waited to watch it at home. Being on the big screen did not enhance the experience and there seemed to be a little something missing to make it a very good movie. I just can't put my finger on it. Either way though a slight THUMBS UP to watch but not necessarily at the theater charge.

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