Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Attended Game Recap : August 12th vs Mets - DODGERS 4 Mets 2 . . . Also Signed Ball(s) of the Day : Yasiel Puig and Jaime Jarrin . . . Also I Made Sportscenter

Back to the stadium for my second game in three days. This time to catch the visiting Mets and it was treat time as I purchased tickets on the baseline for the wife and I once again to acquire some autographs and get that elusive foul ball. Didn't get the ball but I did make Sportscenter. But more on that later.

Don't usually go to games early on a weekdays as I have to work but I have vacation time I need to use up in the next couple of months so I decided to take a half day and head to the stadium. Saw the usual people at the stadium and said my greetings and then it was on to batting practice and autograph hounding.

Capuano and Kershaw playing long toss during BP.

Not much interaction between players and fans in the beginning. Though when Zack Grienke and Steve Yeager were talking about catching Zack happened to get a ground ball and I was able to have him toss it to me. Another one for the bucket at home. Thank you again Zack.

Another bucket ball acquired for catching amongst family and friends at the park.

Dodgers finished off batting practice and I did not acquire an autograph so I was kind of disappointed but being in the baseline section I knew there was still more opportunities to be had later.

Went over to the autograph section over on row 27 and for the 3rd time in as many times as I went there I left empty handed. I just need to quit going there. Headed back to my seats and I saw Hanley being interviewed for a tv segment and hoped to finally acquire his autograph IP. Didn't happen yet again.

Hanley ignoring the 3 fans ( me being one ) and walking away. Ugh.

After awhile I noticed that announcer Jaime Jarrin was also being interviewed and even though I have his autograph already that one was acquired on eBay and I am trying to replace all pre authenticated ones with an IP version. Jaime was nice enough to sign for all the fans that asked for his autograph. Always a class act.

Nice autograph and he also included a HOF inscription. Thank you again Jaime.

Well that was it for autographs prior to the pre-game warm ups and I was hoping for Mark Ellis and like always Yasiel Puig. As the game neared the only one left on the field was Yasiel but unlike Matt Kemp who signs in one place all the time Yasiel went further down the baseline closer to home to sign for fans. I had to jaunt over to the area which got increasingly more crowded with people. I already have a great looking black sweet spot autograph by Yasiel seen HERE but I still want a white ball as well to compliment the black one. Knowing that Yasiel usually doesn't sign on the sweet spot unless it is a paid signing I was prepared for a side paneled autograph if I could get my hand in there to him. He did not disappoint. Another great looking side paneled ball. Even though it is not what I wanted I will continue to try. Until then I will sell them on eBay to acquire more blank balls for inventory. But still, thank you as always Yasiel for taking the time to sign for me and other fans.

Another side panel job. It's all good and if interested its on eBay HERE

The game started and even though the Dodgers fell behind in what I believe was them playing down to their opponents level they came back and won 4-2 to continue on a tear that has not been seen by the Dodgers since 1899. Let that sink in. 114 years ago. You can't even say last century you actually have to say a couple of centuries ago. May this all lead us to the promised land of a World Series berth and win. Preferably in 4 or 5 games so we may celebrate it on our field. Stupid All Star game rules.

While the game was great and the atmosphere was electric the fireworks for me and my section came in the bottom of the 7th with Punto up to bat. He fouled the first pitch right into my section and I misjudged it right off the bat. I got out of my seat and got in front of the railing and when I realized my mistake I tried to compensate for it by reaching back over to catch the ball but to no avail. I missed yet another opportunity on catching my first foul ball and this time I had no excuse. I have gotten numerous BP balls over the years that I have lost count on how many. Even got a 3rd out ball tossed to me but still can't get that foul ball.

What made this worse/more memorable was that my lovely wife was in her seat with about 7 gloves above her head trying to catch the ball and I am just hoping that it doesn't hit her. Man I would feel like shit and would never live that down. So even though I didn't catch it, thank God it didn't hit her. Also the pictures below will show left fielder Eric Young came crashing into the stands and actually bumped into me. So since he initiated first contact I made sure to escort him out. Ha Ha. So even though I misjudged it from my seats he REALLY misjudged it by going into the stands.

In the end a great game and acquired a couple of autographs and I made Sportscenter and more importantly the wife is safe and sound. Always a great time at the stadium and can't wait until the next game. Go Dodgers !!!

Ball approaching the area.

Almost there. I am #7 if you don't know. Look at Eric. Ha Ha.

Realizing that I truly misplayed the ball and losing out on a foul ball.
Also, look I'm crappy out a Met player.

Aftermath with Eric lying on the ground. Maybe I should help him.

About to attack Eric and security is about to surround me.

Looks like he is having problems so I give him a little push to help him on his way.
Security obviously appreciates my help and wants to join in.

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