Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Yasiel Puig Mini Refractor Insert Blue Wave Variant NOW Graded 9.5

As with yesterday's Puig post this card as well graded out to a great gem mint 9.5. Unlike the Top 100 Insert this one was a better purchase for me even though it cost me $10 more out of pocket. While the Top 100 card was only $10 out of pocket the value was minimized due to it being "bought" at $150 while it booked for a little more at that time. This one though I bought for $20 out of pocket seen HERE but it books for $300 raw. A better "return" if I decided to sell it.

Unlike the Top 100 Insert card that I have up on eBay for sale to acquire an on card autograph of Yasiel I am keeping this one even though it is not as rare as the other one. My opinion, which is also shared with fellow bloggers, is that this is the nicer looking card. It's blue and the picture is better. Of course you  might defer on that opinion. Anyways, I sent this card on the same day as the Top 100 one and it also came back graded gem mint 9.5. As with the other one there is no sub grade under a 9.5 and also includes a 10 grade. The only difference is that on this card the 10 is on surface while the other one had its 10 on edges. Either way they both score a solid 9.5 and I'm ecstatic that I can still eye a card on eBay to what condition it probably is.

Damn pretty Dodger blue card of Yasiel.

9.5 with a 10. Nice !

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