Monday, August 19, 2013

Attended Game Recap : August 17th vs Astros : ANGELS 6 Astros 5

To finish off my day of baseball I headed to Angel stadium to attend that night's game with the home team playing the last place Astros. It was flashback weekend and they had the Beatles tribute band Rain perform after the game so the wife and I decided to invite the father in law to the game as they both love Beatle's music.

Arrived to the stadium with hope of acquiring a few more autographs. Troy Percival was doing a parking lot signing for Car Max but I passed on that as I had bigger fish I wanted to acquire. We headed into the stadium along the 3rd base side when batting practice started. Mike Trout was shagging fly balls in the outfield and he came over to the bullpen entrance and signed for 3 kids in front of me and then went back to the outfield. Damn. Caught some more fly balls and he headed back and signed for another kid and he passed me up AGAIN. Damn once again. So twice in the span of 15 minutes he denied me an autograph. I am still searching for that elusive Mike Trout IP. I'm hoping for better luck next month in Oakland.

A steak continued as I picked up another BP ball that flew into the stands. Took a few bounces within the seats and directly into my mitt. Another bucket ball.

Onto the ballgame and it actually was pretty entertaining. Back and forth until Josh Hamilton won it in the 10th with a walk off home run. The Angels with all their talent should be near first not floundering in fourth place but that is their problem. Go Dodgers !!!
Game ended and we headed down to the field level to take in the after game concert. While the songs were good the sound system needs to be upgraded as there was a lot of feedback.
Day ended with me acquiring 3 autographs and a very close big fish in Trout but maybe next time on him. All around great day with wife and baseball and some music mixed in the end.
Father in law, wife and I on club level.
Beautiful wife and I.

Rain performing after the game.

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