Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Allen and Ginter : Yasiel Puig Mini ( Common Back )

The Allen and Ginter brand did not exist when I exited the hobby way back when but now that I am back I was intrigued by the brand name as I looked back at past issues over the years. With this year's set being released during the past couple of weeks I looked into acquiring the Dodger set and hopefully some of variants and/or SP's that come along with the set. So for a few days it will be Allen Ginter all day everyday.

The first card to arrive happened to be the second card I won but it is of the same person, one Yasiel Puig. Puig is driving the hobby right now and when any new card of his is released the demand goes through the roof for the set before settling when a new product is out. I contributed a bit to the hysteria when it came to this issue. The "normal" sized cards are common so I wanted to focus on the mini's first as they are harder and pricier to obtain. They all come with various backs as well as a "common" back so there will be more than one to chase after of each player.

This one happens to be the common back of the mini Puig. The prices were going over $20 out the gate with some touching over $30. Too rich in my opinion for this card but I did have a sweet spot to what I would pay. There were numerous auctions to chose from and I lost on many due to me having some restraint on spending. I finally won one as this card came in a tick over $16 which I think will be under book when that price comes out. A good buy but the better buy is tomorrow's entry.

The front pic is the same on each card . . .

. . . even though the back can and will differ. This is the common numbered version.

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