Saturday, August 3, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Museum : Matt Kemp Blue Bordered Variant ( 65 / 99 )

One step closer to finishing my blue bordered variant set from this year's Topps Museum collection. I finally got my hands on the man himself, Matt Kemp. This card has been difficult to acquire since the set came out but with Kemp being injured his cards have come down in price so this one became a tad cheaper.

Found the card on eBay and the seller had it at a starting bid of .99 cents with $2 shipping. This card was a lot pricey a month or so ago and hitting over $10 on some auctions so I assumed while it wouldn't be at that price I expected to pay more than .99 cents. Well I was right, I had to pay $1.04. About a minute left in the auction someone put a bid in and with a few seconds left I put my high bid in and it only raised the winning price .5 cents. $3 and a handful of change got me this great looking blue card of the Bison. Only Ryu and Jackie are left for me to track down. Here's hoping the season ends better than it began for Matt.

Blue 65 of 99

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