Saturday, August 10, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Bowman Platinum : Matt Kemp Blue Variant, Adrian Gonzalez Ruby Variant and Matt Magill Autograph Green Variant ( 26 / 399 )

The fun of buying cards for just the thrill with no book value released yet as a guide so you must use your head to figure out if it is a good deal or not is back for the next two days in the form of the recently released Bowman Platinum set.

Wasn't planning to purchase any of these cards as of yet as I wanted to focus on other sets but when I saw two deals come down the pipeline I couldn't pass on it. This is the first to hit my doorstep.

With autographs being my focus I saw this Magill card up for sale and it is one of many variants of the same card with this one being the green version. Just like the Dee Gordon and Jerry Sands "rainbow" set I am trying to complete from the 2011 Finest, the cards in this year's Platinum set just beg to be given the same project attention with blue, green, red etc for each card. The green card has sold for over $5 alone prior to this auction but I wanted more bang for my buck so I looked at the seller's other cards and found a red Adrian and blue Kemp. The seller had the shipping at $2.25 a card but combined there would be no up charge which is music to my ears. I secured the two non autos for $2 which gave me a little extra wiggle room on the green auto which I also won. In total I got the 3 cards delivered for just a quarter over $6. Not a bad deal as I see that as either $2 a card which is a steal for an autographed card or $6 for an autographed card with 2 variants thrown in. Either way a great start to this year's Platinum set.

Blue Kemp with some Red Adrian and a Dash of Green Autographed Magill 

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