Thursday, August 22, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps : Steve Garvey Million Dollar Chase Insert Autograph ( 9 / 268 )

Mr. Clean finally has a home in my collection. I haven't acquired any autograph cards of Steve since my reentry to the hobby but I finally got my hands on one and according to the eBay auction it's only obtainable through some online contest.

Trying to find a card of Steve that I could get and came across this one which caught my eye due to the die cut of the card. Reading further into the description in the auction the seller states it's only available through an online game that requires you to have a streak of some sort. When I get a moment I will have to look into this. I haven't heard about it prior to this auction. The amount of numbered cards of Steve is even odd as it's a total of 268. I can't think of any relevance to Steve that number holds.

The seller had the auction starting at $9.99 and most of the cards that I have seen close of Steve have been going higher than that so I knew I would be in a small bidding war most likely. There was a lot of nickel and diming on the auction until it sat at $15+ with a little more than a minute left. In went my bid and I won the card for a couple cents over $18. At the time I didn't know if that was a good monetary buy but since then I have seen a few different auctions of the same card close over $30. Got my first Garvey autograph card and it looks like it was a great bargain to boot.

Mr. Clean and number 9 of 268.

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