Sunday, August 11, 2013

Attended Game Recap : August 10th vs. Rays - DODGERS 5 Rays ZERO

Back to the stadium as it has been a long couple of weeks since the last time I stepped foot within the grand building.

The Rays are in town and this is their first time ever to visit Dodger Stadium so I wanted to attend at least one game. With Sunday and Friday not being a possibility I focused on Saturday even though it was a day game which we normally don't attend due to potential heat. Good thing though as I found tickets on the Loge level along the first base side in the shade. Also it was Hideo Nomo bobblehead giveaway day and since I have decided not to collect bobbleheads anymore I pre-sold the two to one buyer at $45 and after shipping it was a total of $37 in my pocket. The two tickets cost me a total of $38 so in the end without the parking added to the total it was a measly $1 to watch a game with my lovely wife and witness yet another Dodger win. Even though I am no longer collecting bobbles it is still enjoyable to me to open them up and see what they look like as the quality of them are top notch.

Nomo in a box.

Great looking bobble even if it looks like Nomo is starring in an Exorcist movie with his head turned almost 180 degrees.
Got to the stadium around 12:30 and headed down to the 3rd base dugout area to see if I could score Nomo's autograph. A lot of fellow autograph hounds and bloggers that have become familiar over the years were also there. We all got blanked as after Nomo threw out the ceremonial first pitch he was escorted off the field through the dugout. No Nomo for me on this day.
Game started off with a boom with Adrian Gonzalez's two run shot into the right field pavilions. With that the Dodgers never looked back as they cruised to another win over their AL opponent and won another series before the last game is even played. Hopefully they will support Kershaw with a little more run support this time.
Normally I would put up any other autographs or other items I acquired while attending the game here and I did "purchase" one item at the stadium but I believe it deserves its own post which I will posting tomorrow. It is a prized piece in my collection now and it all went for a great cause.

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