Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Attended Game Recap : August 26th vs Cubs - DODGERS 6 Cubs 2

Just Baseball...
No autograph hounding.
No earlier arrival to attend batting practice.
No picture taking.
Attended yesterday's game for the sake of just watching a game of our first place Dodgers.
99% of the time I have other reasons for going to the ballpark but not last night. The wife and I had a family member join us as she was a Chicago native and the Cubs were in town. I even went to the game without my backpack which made me feel a bit naked. This would be the one game of the year that I would go to and just sit and enjoy baseball.
Zack Greinke pitched a great game but just ran out of gas at the end so he did not get his complete game shut out which visibly you could tell annoyed him. He did pitch a great 8 2/3 and even contributed at the plate with a RBI single. I foresee a silver slugger this year for him. They even had a pitching change when Zack was due to come to bat. Puig had a bounce back game as he fell short of a triple of the cycle. He hit a monstrous home run in the 8th that went an estimated 439 feet. Hanley Ramirez also joined the home run club with a shot that hit the clock on the ribbon banner of the loge level.
All in all it was a great Dodger win and it was nice to be back at the "Magic Castle" to enjoy some good baseball. Also with that said I will be back at the stadium later today to watch Kershaw put up some great numbers and to see Rick Monday on his bobblehead night to get his book signed.
Go Blue !!!

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