Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Attended Game Recap : August 27th vs Cubs - CUBS 3 Dodgers 2

Back at the stadium for the second night of a back to back and I was highly disappointed. I bought tickets a few weeks ago just so I can make a little cash on the side with the sale of the Rick Monday bobbleheads that were given out but then I found out that Clayton Kershaw was scheduled to pitch. I was pumped to see the best pitcher in baseball on the mound and then the game happened. 5 2/3 innings is all I got of Kid K. He didn't have his good stuff and yet still left with only giving up 1 ER ( 2 overall ) and yet once again when he pitches the offense just doesn't seem support him. All this led to the Dodgers losing the game to a team they should be sweeping aside. Games like these are what loses the home field advantage for the post season. Time to wake up boys.
The best part of the night was Rick Monday taking the field and getting a standing ovation for what he did back in 1976. Something so "simple" is still remembered today as one of the best moments of Dodger stadium and I am part of that thinking. He deserved all the accolades he received yesterday and that helped take the bad taste of the game that followed.
This will probably be my last game at Dodger stadium until late September so next time I am there I hope we are lining up the staff for the first round of the playoffs and have our heads on straight. No matter what, Go Blue !!!

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