Saturday, September 26, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Allen and Ginter : Josh Hamilton Mini Frame Autograph Red Variant Parallel (9/10)

Long time readers of the blog might actual recognize this exact card as I have gone and done another 1st in my collecting history and reacquired the exact same card after I got rid of it which I did with this one in a trade with an eBay seller.

How do I know it's the same card? Why because it is numbered 9/10 and I acquired it back from the same person I traded it to a couple months ago. I first acquired this card back in March of 2014 as seen HERE . After I had it in hand I thought it would be a good candidate to earn a gem mint grade from BGS with the possible exception of a potential mark next to the 9/10 on the front of the card. It came back a strong 9.5 with no down grade for the autograph and that is recapped HERE . I had my Josh Hamilton autograph for my collection and I was done...or so I thought. I ended up doing a trade with this eBay seller where I had to let go of this and a Ryan Braun red ink autograph to pick up some Koufax and Kershaw cards which I thought was a real boon for me and my collection. With it I put Josh back on my to reacquire list as he was on there once before when I was transitioning from signed balls to cards. The eBay seller was trying to complete a red ink master set so I never expected to see this card again but I found out after another transaction with him that he was changing his focus for his collection and that he would probably get rid of a lot of his red ink cards. Within a week or so I noticed that he indeed did put up some of his red inks and Josh here was one of them. He attached a higher price than I was willing to spend but after a few weeks he lowered the price to a point that it was lower than what I originally paid for the it. Once again, I was looking to buy Josh at a low point and hoped to do it again. Typical 7 day auction and at the last minute I put in the one and only bid and with it I once again reacquired Josh's autograph for the collection.

You probably notice that this card is raw and not in its BGS holder that it was in when I did the trade and that is because the eBay seller had no interest in graded cards and just wanted them for his collection so he cracks them all out of their cases. I looked it over and it looks like he did a great job of not messing it up and once again I will be submitting Josh to BGS for a gem mint grade and this time I expect no problems but as always I am knocking on wood.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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