Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Tribute : Buster Posey Base Autograph Orange Parallel (22/25)

As a Dodger fan I feel a little dirty that I acquired this card. Worse yet I actually have been pursuing a Buster autograph for a couple years now but him being a very good player for a ... gulp... 3x World Series champion trumps any orange hatred here. To be honest there were only 2 Giant players that I wanted in my collection and both are now in hand (more on the other player in a future post) so I won't have that guilty feeling while I hit the search button on eBay anymore.

It's kind of appropriate that this card is the orange parallel for the base autograph. It just happened that way as all I wanted was a good Posey card. This was on a buy it now auction but it sat on my watch list for weeks as I wanted two things to happen which took time. One, I was selling off some other lesser cards which meant I had to nickel and dime my way up to cover this card's cost and two I wanted eBay to run a ebucks promotion so I could earn a little extra for this quarter. Money was in hand after a few weeks worth of auctions but I waited a few extra days till I received an email stating that it was running an ebucks promotion that earned me an extra $12 for a future acquisition. Went to the auction and saw that it was now on 12 other watch lists. Post haste I clicked the buy it now button and locked in my Buster card and had it in hand a week or so later.

A great looking card and before the pursuit started I wanted one that looked like it might grade out to a BGS 9.5 and with it now physically in front of me I give it a 50/50 shot of receiving that grade. Everything looks good except one corner has slight fraying which can be seen under a loop. If that can hold at a 9 then it might have a chance at an overall 9.5 but if not I am sure it will earn a mint 9. Beckett is in town in a few days so I shall found out then with a raw grade review.


Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Awesome card! I've been wanting one of Posey's autographs for a while now also, but I've never pulled the trigger. Let me know if you ever want to move it...

    1. Thank you.
      Ha ha... it will be going with your cards in a week. But like your stuff you just never know when the time is right to move something.