Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Museum : Ozzie Smith Archival Autograph (48/59)

For years I have been trying to acquire an autograph of Ozzie Smith whether it be on a ball or on a card but till now he has been elusive just as he was at times on the field. When all was said and done I picked this up on what I perceive as a steal.

When I collected signed balls I could/would never pull the trigger on an auction as the prices were out of my comfort zone and the couple of times I saw that he was doing an in person signing the promoters were asking too much. Now that I moved over to collecting cards I thought it would be easier to get Mr. Smith's autograph. Not so much as I had been going on two years and still no Ozzie. As with the balls most cards I felt were too pricey but as more and more brands came out with Ozzie in them the prices started to drop.

Since I didn't care if the card was graded that opened up my options and this newly released Museum card was my target as book has it in the range of $20-50 and most sales I saw were on the low end of the spectrum. A few lost auctions led me to this particular card and with minimal effort I finally won me my very own Ozzie autograph. He tormented my Dodgers at times and I would have preferred to have him in a Padre uniform rather than the hated Cardinal colors but nonetheless I am happy to finally have him in my collection.

Forty Eight
Fifty Nine

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