Monday, September 14, 2015

Clayton Kershaw Major League Debut Ticket

I am always looking to add something unique to my collection as most of it consists of cards and signed pictures as I have moved away from signed baseballs. One day I was looking for more Kershaw stuff on eBay, shocker I know, and came across a couple of signed tickets and thought to myself that would a nice change of pace for me. Which one would be the best when it came to significance pertaining to Clayton? Why his MLB debut of course.

When that light clicked in my head that I would love to have a signed ticket from Clayton's debut game another light clicked in my head, wait I was at that game but do I still have the ticket? As most know the Dodgers stopped issuing hard tickets to season ticket holders last year (BOOOOO) so I no longer have any to put into binders but back in 2008 they still did. I was given (4) tickets to this game from a co worker weeks before the game and when it was announced that Clayton would be debuting it made it even better. The wife, father in law and I headed to the game and got to witness the official beginning of a hall of fame career. I looked on eBay and saw that some of these sell northward of $150 unsigned so when I opened up my binder and saw I still had one I was ecstatic. Now I could sell it but I will not be. Someday down the road I will have Clayton sign this for me and then I will get it slabbed and it will become a permanent fixture in my collection.

I saved one but boy do I wish I had the other (3) but I can't complain as I can say I was in attendance for his debut and I don't have to spend any out of pocket money to get this ticket to have him sign it.

May 25, 2008

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  1. What a great idea! I wish you luck in getting it signed. I have a feeling you will get it done eventually.

    1. Ty...
      Its been years but I know sooner or later it will be handled