Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Stadium Club : Clayton Kershaw Base Rainbow Autograph (27/50) BGS Graded Mint 9

This should have been the second post on a Kershaw autograph from the 2014 Stadium Club release but due to my neurotic tendency of wanting cards in BGS cases and Kershaw autographs in general to be at least mint this is the 1st time the blog has showcased this card.

I originally acquired a copy of this card when the set was released last year but when I received it I didn't feel it would grade out to a mint 9. I for one didn't want to waste time/money with BGS and have it earn a NM 8.5 so I sold the card for the same price I "bought" it for. No harm no foul. A few months passed as I had moved on to other cards and projects so I forgot that I liked this card until I saw this pop up on one of my eBay searches. A quick Beckett inquiry showed that this is the only 2014 copy to have been graded as of this write up and it earned a strong 9. Well guess who was back in the market for a Stadium Club Kershaw autograph? This guy.

With Kershaw "only" having a good season and not dominating (yet) his secondary market prices have come down a tad and even though this card books from $90 to $150 the demand for it was a little softer than it normally would have been. A traditional 7 day auction for this card and with a hour left the high bid was only at half of the low end of Beckett. When the auction ended I was declared the winner for well under the low ($90) Beckett guide price. Another right time, right place and a little luck acquisition and another Kershaw autograph for the collection.

.5 from gem mint. Might send it in for a bump

27 of 50

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  1. Big name Stadium Club autos are hard finds. I opened a ton of that stuff and the best auto I pulled was a Mookie Betts rookie auto. Great card.

    Funny thing about Kershaw is that he has been awesome again, but Grienke has taken some of the spotlight.