Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Chrome : Corey Seager Base Red Refractor Parallel (3/5) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

Joc 1 of 1 and gem mint to boot

I have been lucky enough to have/had owned a couple 1 of 1's in my collection but of them this was the only one that I wasn't emotionally attached to. For long time readers that actually remember what I type, ha ha, Joc is a distant 3rd in my pecking order for the current Dodger rookies either in the bigs or close to it. For those who care it is Seager one, Urias two and Joc three. I have met all 3 multiple times and face to face Seager and Urias have a more approachable personality and on top of that I believe their overall talent is head and shoulders over Joc's so with that combination Joc has always come in last when I prioritized my want lists of the 3. That said this Joc plate with clean autograph was to be my crown jewel of my Joc collection for years to come and I was ecstatic to have lucked into it. But I had an itch that I wanted to scratch that has been years in the making but like usual I always trying to get the most bang for my buck so more on that "itch" in tomorrow's post. First up is the "secondary" card.

As most of you know, or at least I assume you might know, I have been on a quest/project to acquire the rainbow of 2013 Bowman Chrome Seager cards. A hard thing to do just by itself but on top of that I want them to also be at the very least BGS mint if not gem mint. To this day my best in the collection has been the yellow parallel that has a print run of 10. I believed at the time that would be the lowest print run I would acquire as the superfractor is a print run of 1 and red has a print run of just 5. A whopping 5 in the world and of those 5 two have been graded by BGS as gem mint and of those 1 has already been sold on eBay so yet another reason why I never thought I would get my hands on a copy. Things change


When I decided to move on from the Joc card and acquire tomorrow's subject I still had left over funds for another high end card (all planned of course) and low and behold the other BGS gem mint was on eBay. This bad boy though was located across the pond in Korea. You just never know where these cards might show up. I have had loads of luck from our friends on that side of the ocean but the seller of this card had a very high asking price and this was before Corey got called up. I shot over an offer that was about 55% of his asking price which was also lower than the amount that the other BGS had sold for. It didn't automatically decline so there was hope. While he didn't accept he did counter which I then countered him and stated that was all I had in my paypal account. A little white lie but hey, I wanted the card. He stated he couldn't do that on eBay but would honor it if we did it paypal direct.

Uh, yes please. In the end he even took out the shipping costs as he was asking for $25 and I asked him if there was a cheaper rate and he said don't worry about it. So I ended up picking up this ultra limited Seager card a week before he was called up and it physically in my hands 2 days after he arrived. I do not think I would have scored such a great deal if he had made to the bigs at the time of this transaction.

While this was a sweet deal I still think tomorrow's was the bigger get but you might see it differently. Your opinion would be appreciated on if you would have done this sale/trade, which you think is the bigger of the 2 and would you have rather just kept the 1 of 1 of Joc.

Strong subs which include 2 10's

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  1. I'm a big fan of your blog! I myself am a huge Dodger collector and have thought of starting a blog myself. I have bobbleheads too, but a majority of my collection consists of Clayton Kershaw. and Corey Seager. I am soooo jealous of your red refractor AND the canary. I need those two!

    Check out my cards if your interested...

    1. Thank you and I think you should as if those are all your cards your Kershaw collection puts mine to shame. I am just nearing 20 autographs of Kid K but you have a great variety. Congrats on those and everything you have posted. If you do a blog keep me informed. Would love to read it.

  2. Thanks, I've been working on my collection since 2012, and I've probably spent way too much, but I got bit by the collecting bug, and there was no turning back! My only regret now is that I didn't pick up more Corey Seager's when I had the chance! Do you mind me asking how much you spent on the red? I'm assuming it was somewhere in the 200 range, but I'm just curious, because I'm really going to push hard to add that to my collection as soon as another one pops up on ebay. Keep up the great work! The blog is awesome

    1. I know all about the "bug"
      = )
      Nothing for the Seager.
      I unloaded my 1/1 Joc auto plate and picked up the Seager and Aaron autograph. Even swap and it was before Seager got called up. The other one that sold on eBay prior to this one went for $270.
      Only 3 left out there to try to find. Good luck

  3. Oh oops, I missed that part! Great swap IMO. You got the better end of the deal for sure! Thanks for wishing me luck, because I'm going to need it. Between that and the canary, my luck has probably run out. Who knows, maybe one day...

    1. Its all about timing. Make sure to keep an eye on as well as ive found some stuff there. Ive also done instgram trades as well so maybe there for u as well