Sunday, September 1, 2013

Card of the Day - 2007 Topps : Matt Kemp Moments and Milestones Autograph

Another day on eBay and another Matt Kemp autograph acquired.

This one I actually did not win the traditional way. I was bidding on this card which currently has a book value of $40 and I thought if I could win it at a real low price I would take it but I didn't really want to put too much effort into it. Auction was ending and I put in my high bid of just $12.75 and lost the auction to a bidder that won it at over $14. Both those prices are well under 50% of book and with the loss I just moved on.

A couple days after the end of the auction the seller contacted me and stated that he had another copy of the card and was willing to sell it to me for my losing high bid. Now I don't know if the high bidder walked away or the seller really did have another copy but I for sure would take another autographed Kemp card at what I see is a low price any day of the week. Card arrived a few days later and I now have added yet another Kemp autograph to my overall collection. Love Puig and Kershaw a lot by Kemp is still the man.

Another Kemp added to my collection. Young looking version this time.

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