Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Yasiel Puig Top 100 Insert Die Cut

THE card right now that you can get of super phenom Puig. Yes, you can get the redemption card for a future card that is signed by him but this card is the one that actually has him depicted in Dodger blue at this moment. This card just keeps getting better day by day as yesterday he won Player of Week in his first week in the majors. Until the autograph cards come out these is the card to acquire.

Yesterday I showed the non die cut version that I picked up for $5 but this is the card that I really wanted and I had been trying to get it for a month but was never going to spend over $60. That was a mistake on my part. The day of his call up this card started to shoot up and I actually lost two auctions. This one had a buy it now for $150 with best offer available. I put my offer in by noticed that 27 other people did the same. That is a lot of action on an auction. I had some spare inventory that I put up to sell which came up to $140. I said screw it and just purchased the card for the asking price of $150. Only $10 out of my pocket. Days later this card is now way over $225 and climbing. While that was pricey for a card I didn't really spend much for it as I had auctions to offset.

The card is numbered out of only 99. That meant very few chances for me to try to win this card before it really skyrocketed. I made the plunge and though I didn't want to pay that much but I think in the long run I think it is a decent investment. It looks great in person and I am going to get this one graded. Hopefully it will grade out a 9.5 We shall see how it turns out on both fronts.

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