Monday, July 1, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Player Appearance Recap : Yasiel Puig ( Black ROMLB Sweet Spot )

On to my next autograph of three that I was out to acquire this past Saturday. This was the big one for the day in the form of Yasiel Puig. I already picked up Yasiel on a couple of balls back in March when his autograph only cost $30 which is a bargain compared to the current asking price of $150. And that was only for a small picture or baseball. Wasn't planning on getting his autograph as I already had it and really wanted Adrian Gonzalez's but since that fell through I went to Plan B which included the eBay hustle.

On any given day I would not spend $150 for an autograph but I noticed that his PSA authenticated autographs on eBay have been running from anywhere between $150 to $250. Light clicked in my head. I have never gotten a rawlings black ball by a player and have had one in storage for awhile to use for Kemp but I thought why not use it for Yasiel first and then get another for Kemp. Also Yasiel will not sign on the sweet spot at the stadium so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get one in gold ink.

So I put up one of the Puig balls up for sale on eBay and there is a bid already at $150 and with that I got in line to buy a ticket for Puig. I ended up being number 171 out of 250. Waited patiently near the entrance to get in line but after the first 100 were let in the promoter decided to let everyone in and I ended being the 110th give or take. Not too shabby. Line moved slow as he took pictures with everyone. Got up to him and handed him the ball and said my typical greetings and like before no English came out of his mouth so I said Gracias and took my picture.

Yasiel texting

After the signature headed over to the PSA line as certification and authentication came with the price of the autograph and had a chance to look at my newly acquired gold ball. For my first one I couldn't ask for more as it is a beauty. I also noticed that the PSA number is of the Rookigraph variety which holds more stature and value in the collecting world. Great pick up for me as nothing more came out of pocket to get this unique ball. Thank you again Yasiel

First Gold Ball ever.


  1. Damn that's beautiful! Money well spent!

    1. TY. Great thing about it is that I sold that another one for $230 so I actually made a profit. More signatures to acquire
      = )
      Also TY for the twitter entry for the this.