Saturday, August 30, 2014

Card of the Day - 2008 SP : Matt Kemp By the Letter Autograph " M " ( 62 / 99 )

Another letter that I needed multiple copies has been finally acquired.

I picked up the first "M" needed for the set back in January from fellow collector/blogger Josh aka DodgerBobble as seen HERE . One down, one to go. With the first "M" I have been able to spell MATT but still needed the other "M" for his last name. I originally had locked one up on eBay and I waited a few weeks for it but it never arrived so I contacted the seller and he stated he sent it out but didn't have a tracking number. Uh huh. Well with that being a lost cause I had to still look for another "M" and another seller had a copy up for sale but he only had a feedback of 2. Risk another potential bad transaction or pass and wait? Decided to try my luck and within a week of the end of the auction I had my second and final "M" for the project. Deal went smoothly from this new seller.

17 down and 8 more to go.
I never thought I would even get this far but I can't stop now.

My other "M" now has its twin

62 of 99

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