Monday, August 11, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Inception : Alexander Guerrero Base Blue Parallel Autograph ( 20 / 75 )

Another new set recently was released and like Allen and Ginter, Bowman Inception was collected by me last year but this year it was cut from my list of brands to hunt for. But just like Allen and Ginter I will never pass on autographs of Dodgers.

There are 3 Dodgers of note within the set, Julios Urias, Chris Anderson and Alexander Guerrero. I will not be pursuing the base versions of any of their cards but I will be hunting down their blue parallels that are numbered to only 75. Alex here in fact has a black collection autograph card within the set that is numbered to only 25 but unless I score a major deal then I will be passing on that one.

Julio is my primary need/want from this set but Alexander is a close second as unlike Julio this is Alex's first certified MLB autograph on a card and since I sold my Alex autographed ball I had no representation of him in my collection.

I was surprised at the high sales of this card as he isn't even on the team and is 27 years old. But everything Cuban nowadays seems to be hot so I had to bide my time and wait for the right time to win this card at the right price. Finally that day came when someone put this up on a buy it now for less than every closed sale prior to that day. Didn't wait and snapped it up and within a week it came in. It will not be a candidate for grading as I can tell it would only grade out as a mint 9 which is not bad per se but I so do love my gem mints. No biggie as I am just happy to have his autograph back within my collection.

20 of 75

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