Saturday, August 9, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps : Jackie Robinson Black Framed Reprint ( card #10 )

Finally done.

The day I won this card on eBay the book value prices were released on the set and with the black frame versions coming in at $20 that made this final card acquisition feel all that much better.

The hunt was on for this final piece to the Jackie project and even though I wanted it to be done I was not going to overpay just for that privilege. Surprisingly there were no copies of the card on a BIN auction so I was left to the traditional ones to get my card. Couple of them priced themselves out as they went over $10. 50% is a good deal but I wanted more. A couple days went by with a couple more loses till this one was nearing its end and there was only one bid placed on it with 5 minutes to go. My last minute bid became the 3rd overall as someone else had the same idea as me but I came out on top with a winning bid of just a little under $7. A good buy.

A week later the card arrived and joined its 4 brothers in cases in my collection.

Another small project is now complete and I can now go back and try to find all my blue parallels of the Dodgers within the main set.

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